I wish it was my fate to go to the high mountains,
I wish to gaze at the tall and beautiful Beloved.
Let me beg God for you, and perhaps God will write you into my fate.

I you last in the Spring, with multicolored beauty and coyness,
When the roses were fresh and the strings on the saz (folk lute) were new.
Perhaps God will write you into my fate.

You are the source of the fountain on the peak of the high mountain;
You are the tender lamb that was chosen among the herd.
You are a girl of the highlands, the most lovely.
Perhaps God will write you into my fate.

Her brow sits atop her hazel-colored eye,
She wears a scarf on her tresses.
Talibi Coskun (the poet) declares that another girl such as this cannot be found anywhere in the world.
Perhaps God will write you into my fate.

Bülbülüm Altin Kafeste

My nightingale is in a golden cage, it sings slowly.
Do not sing, nightingale, my beloved is ill.
Ah, what can be done for my broken heart?
I long for the Beloved.

I cannot be deceived by you, my darling,
I cannot be without you.

Flames cause the nightingale to weep,
Lovers brings tears to one another,
What have I done to earn this fate?
It makes me weep…

I cannot be deceived by you, my darling,
I cannot be without you.

Divane Asik Gibi

Like a wreckless lover, I wander the streets,
Girl, because of you, I ended up in Istanbul.

If only your father had asked permission from my father, just once:
'In God's name, let her be my daughter in law'.

Put the Karadeniz belt around your waist,
Girl, would you say 'If only I had married this boy…'?

I'm a bird of the high mountain, I'll perch on this cypress.
Ask for me from my father, if he will not let me go, I will run away with you.

My red shawl, my green shawl…
Let us walk around the whole world.
You be the rain and I the cloud,
And we shall meet together in Macka.

Gelmis Iken Bir Habercik Sorayim

Let me ask, 'what is the news?', for I have come.
Why does the haze of Mt. Yildiz not leave my mind?
Let me bow down to only those who are truly spiritually enlightened.
The cranes wave at the falcons, the mountains have become green and turned to summer.
The haze of Mt. Yildiz will not lift…
Havada Bulut Yok

There is not a cloud in the sky, so why all of this smoke?
There is no death in the village, so why this lament?
How cruel are the Yemen lands, its roses are but grass,
The ones who go there never return, I wonder why…
This place is Mus, those that leave here never return.

There is the sound of a soldier in front of the barracks,
Go and see what he carries in his bag.
There is a pair of shoes and his fez.

That's Yemen, its roses are but grass,
Those who go there never return…

Iste Gidiyorum Çesmi Siyahim

I am going, my black-eyed one.
Even the mountains line up in front of us,
My capital is my sorrow, my treasure is my lament, my fortune darkens.
Let's walk in the high mountains,
The Companion has left me in despair with my fate.
I want to sing in the ruined vineyards, even the heavens will be rent for me,
I have tied my fate to a strand of your hair…